I’m Currently Reading Too Much, Please Help!

I am currently reading too many things, and I can’t finish a one. Some of them are harder to finish by myself, like my story time books with Michaela, but some of these are just plain old my fault. Also, Name of the Wind is a REALLY LONG AUDIOBOOK, OKAY?


Thesis Thursday: I need your help!

hqdefaultAlright guys, this is a shot in the dark but: do any of you have any insight into YA book cover design and trends, marketing and/or publicity? Do you know anyone who does? Do you know someone who might have a kind of clue? I NEED YOU.

Here’s the deal: Chapter 2 of my thesis deals with tropism in YA book covers. (Remember year of the “girl in dress” or “half girl face”?) I’m trying to make a case as to why this happens with such frightening sameness in YA books. Chapter 3 deals with ways that digital marketing and publishing has effected the book industry, in particularly in YA.

I have searched my school’s sources, but the actual DATA behind these sciences is eludingfrantic-checking me. I’m not a marketing person. I don’t know how graphic design and marketing science works. But there has to be some of kind report on this stuff out there somewhere because there is a reason all these covers look the same and someone is keeping tight track of all these digital marketing trends. Someone. Somewhere.

Literally anything that you think would be useful would be helpful at this point. I’m in a research hole so deep, I’ve forgotten what sunlight looks like.

Comment away! Email away! Tweet away! Facebook away! …please?


I Want to Hear from YOU!

So, first things first – the blog has a new look! I swear this wasn’t just because I was bored. I swear it wasn’t. Honestly, I was looking for a new look for the blog, and I found one. I don’t know how many of you are WordPress bloggers but… Man, a lot of their themes just look so … boring. Took me a while to find one with all the things I want that looked pretty sweet. Don’t worry, content isn’t changing or anything but … what do you think? Is this one better than the old one? Or do you want the old one back? Talk to me – I swear I don’t bite! ^.^

…okay, I just might be vaguely insane…

BUT, I am an insane girl that likes books. But I am out of books. And therefore liable to go MORE insane. We can’t inflict that on the world, can we? So … drop me a line, guys. Tell me what books have BLOWN YOUR MIND so I can read them too! Even better – drop me a line and give me a suggestion for a book to review! I will seperate the crappy from the amazing so that you don’t have to! Yes, I’m that desperate. C’mon, guys, give me a hand! Load me up! Comment away below! I wanna look like this guy:

Writing Resource List Up!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick note to let you all know that I have just put up a Writing Resource list. The shiny new addition to this blog is right up there on top and an easy click away. It’s short right now, but I promise to update it as I go! If I learn about it, you’ll learn about it! By the same token, this is a shout out for all you writers out there: If YOU find a cool site, let me know! I hardly think that I know everything there is to know, and I’m very excited to hear what you guys have found. If you think there is a site that should be added to the list, comment on the page with the link and why it’s awesome! I’ll link it in and give you credit for the find.


August 13th – Wanderer


Do you ever get lonely?
Do you ever feel like giving up?
When your feet ache
Can you stop?
Or do you trudge onward
Into blackness?

Have you family?
Have you friends?
Have you any shoulder to cry on?
If you get lost
Can you call someone?
Do you ever get lost at all?

I beg you
Find my doorstep
I’d sleep on the floor
If you came
For, Wanderer,
I was once you
And I cannot sleep
Until you find your peace

July 22nd – Breathe

And the poem for today!


Take a breath
A deep one
Feel it inflate your lungs
Let it go now and
With it
Let it take your darkness
Unlock your tension
Release your stress
Take your anger
Bottle it up
And throw it out


Let that simple function last
Have it bring you back to basics
Meditate if you want
Close your eyes
If you can waste time
Focusing on everything wrong
You have a minute to relax
And that’ll make you
Feel so much better
So take a breath
A deep one


July 9th – It’ll Get Better

Hello again! Yeah, I know, it’s been a few days … oops. I’m TRYING!! 😀 Anyways, I’d just want to let you know that I am trying to get to visiting everyone who was amazing enough to comment on me and if I missed you I’m very sorry. I was literally going through pages of comments! You guys are amazing! Here’s July 9th’s poem:

It’ll Get Better

They always say
It’ll get better
On the days when
You won’t believe it
So you take the words
And tear them up
Into tiny shattered pieces

They always say
It’ll get better
On the days when
You’re convinced it won’t
Because your bleeding heart
Is saying
It’ll only get worse

They always say
It’ll get better
On the days when
The dark is strongest
And you’ve bottomed out
So they know
The only was to go is up

They always say
It’ll get better
On the days when
They see you’ve lost hope
Because they know that you need a reminder
That nothing is horrible forever because
It’ll always get better

June 17th – I Didn’t Want to Write Today

Today was just one of those days when I woke up and didn’t want to write. I was editing my National Novel Writing Month Novel for two hours really late last night–and I’ve been doing that every night for a while. Frankly, I’m starting to burn myself out. So, today I saw my notebook staring at me and had that sinking feeling of ‘NO. I do NOT want to write today.’ Well, there is two choices for a writer with that feeling: They can hide the notebook, or they can pick up a pen(cil).

I Didn’t Want to Write Today

I didn’t want to write today
But I knew I should
Not in my head
Mind you
But as any writer knows
In their heart

I didn’t want to write today
But I needed to
Reach out my hand
To grasp the stories
Being told
Just out of reach in my mind

I didn’t want to write today
But I put my notebook
In front of me
And clenched the pencil
In my hand because
I wouldn’t be me without them

I didn’t want to write today
But I did
And the words rewarded me
With their secrets
And I remembered again
Just why I love to write

I didn’t want to write today
But, as always,
I’m glad I did

June 11th – Enough

Today was a very long day today and I nearly forgot to jump on here when I got a break! However, I DID get on here which is the big thing, even if the poem’s shorter 😀 Today’s poem is for everyone who’s ever dealt with someone who made their problematic life your problem and expected you to deal with it all and take the blame. Eventually, you’ve got to say enough is enough or you’ll wreck your own life.


What do you want?
Me to acquiesce
To your failure
Do you wish me to say
That it’s fine
When your issues
Ruin my life
You are the late one
The confused one
The angry one
Not me!
Yet you give the problems
To me to deal with on my own
And lash out at me
When you can’t
I am done with tears
My dear
For they have never affected you
From now on
Your punishment is this:
I turn my back on you

May 25th – Student Woes

I was sitting at my desk today, trying to think of something to write and trying not the think of all the school work I have to do since I am majorly behind. Sadly, it took my far too long to realize that my ammount of school work could be used to fuel my writing! This poem is meant more to make you smile then anything else–I hope it works!

Student Woes


I’m drowning under

      A sea of papers

I’m being crushed under

      A rockslide of textbooks

A platoon of essays

      Just started attacking

A company of syllabuses

      Just started advancing

My pencils have begun

      Stabbing me

My laptop has begun

     Electrifying me

The assignments are just

      Getting longer and longer

The chapters are just

      Getting larger and larger

I think my desk

      Is going to collapse

I think my head

     Is going to explode