Pirates, Revolution, Conspiracy | APRC Supplemental #21

I have no idea what was going on with this theming. There are at least two that talk about the American Revolution? The rest are all over the place. Welcome to the inside of my mind.

Lots of Lincoln (and other stuff) | APRC Supplemental #20

Guys. This is my twentieth supplemental episode. That is incredible to me. Absolutely unbelievable. This one is weird, as they all are, but maybe you’ll find something interesting while I continue on this wild journey!

Ep. 7 | American Presidential Reading Challenge

Is there any other way to celebrate President’s Day than with my first OFFICIAL APRC video in, like, a year? The quality of these books is extremely mediocre, but I’ve only got 7 left, guys. I want to finish this before there’s someone new in the White House … again …


5 Unexpected Nonfiction Reads | APRC Supplemental #15

In this supplemental video, we’re tackling some books on how we create history from culture, religion, geopolitics, and socioeconomics. You know, a bunch of light and fluffy stuff. Oh, and all of them were ones I had expectations for going in that weren’t met for some reason. It’s a doozy!

The JFK Book Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Josh from Literary Gladiators to do this tag in this video: https://youtu.be/_IbEKS3WQs4 This tag was originally created by Kari from Very Literary Kari, in this video: https://youtu.be/xEXZByQulIc. I did not tag anyone because I don’t know anyone other than Josh who would be interested in this Presidential history tag. If you want to go for it, consider yourself invited!

I liked all of these? | APRC Supplementals #8

I actually enjoyed and would recommend all 5 of these books, and I think that’s the first time I can say that. However, I will mention that I am ill in this video (like I’d literally gone to urgent care the morning I filmed this) (I am fine) (mostly), so if I didn’t do a book justice or something doesn’t make sense, feel free to use the comments for further discussion!

Supplemental #7 | American Presidents Reading Challenge

So, I’ll be honest, some of these are more tenuously connected to this challenge than others, but each one is important. There are some really good ones and some really meh ones. There are some new releases and some older stuff. I’m trying to cover literally everything here, apparently. Enjoy!