Betwixt the Books Discuss! Own Voices, Representation & The Publishing Industry

Wherein, we chat for half an hour about the wrap up of the own voices cycle in Bibliomancy and just general discussions going on in the publishing community about representation.

MAJOR Betwixt the Book UPDATE #bibliomansion

Okay, so, it’s not THAT much of a secret that Michaela and I have been working on moving in with each other for a while. HOWEVER, in case this is the first you’re hearing about it, it finally happened last Tuesday! I’ve been focused on getting moved in, but we’re getting ready to get this show on the road! My computer is still without some essential parts, so editing is difficult, but hopefully the piece (my battery) should be here by the end of this week! Here’s to moving on up!


Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why

Tell me why
You think you can lean on me
With your problems
When all they do is scare me

Tell me why
You think I can solve your issues
That have nothing to do with me
Since it’s your decision

Tell me why
You think you can abuse my love
And make me your scapegoat
And punching bag

Tell me why
You think I can handle
All the stuff in your life
That you clearly can’t

Tell me why
You think I care anymore