Weekly Wrap Up + Stacking the Shelves for 8-31-13


Hey guys! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve done one of these, so this isn’t so much of a “weekly” wrap up as much as a “here’s what’s happened since the last one.” My Stacking the Shelves this week is also huge, but mostly because I just bought a bunch of books for college. No, I’m not StS-ing with textbooks – I’m showing off the books I bought for one of my awesomest classes, “Studies in YA and Children’s Lit!” (Plus, you know, actual review books.) As always, watch the video for the views, and check out the links below!

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Join the Agenda! A special message from Gennifer Albin, featuring prizes and scholarships!

I am super excited to be helping author Gennifer Albin release her new Join the Agenda video!

Are you ready to join the Agenda? Are you ready to enter to win prizes and scholarships? Look no further! Watch the video for details, and go to Gennifer’s website to join!