Pieces of Me

Pieces of Me

You see me as the girl
High above you in the sky
Dancing on the clouds
With my face turned ever towards the sunlight
Let me tell you a secret

That girl isn’t real
She’s a ghost
Only half of herself
But yes
She’s me
Let me tell you a story

I fell from the clouds
Long ago
No one reached out a hand
And its fine
I wouldn’t have taken it anyway
Let me tell you what happened

I shattered on the stony ground
Losing myself in a million pieces
I laid there under the pouring rain
Until somehow I found away
To pick up what was left
Let me tell you a secret

I didn’t get them all
I left bits to dull in the dirt
Now I can’t fly as high because the sun hurts my eyes
It’s a cycle now
The flying, the falling, the failing

And every time I lose a little bit more


July 20th – Coward, Survivor

HA! I wrote something that isn’t blatantly depressing. Score! 😀 Anyways, this is also one of the first days in ever I’ve actually posted a poem a day. I think I should try fixing that, don’t you? No, we haven’t had this discussion before… 😀

Coward, Survivor

I can hear you laughing
Calling me a coward
Saying I’m weak
As my hands clench this threadbare rope
That’s keeping me from falling
Into your black abyss
My palms are bleeding
The drops falling down
Where they streak my face like tears
But I’m not letting go

I can hear you laughing
Calling me a coward
Saying I’m too afraid to face it
But here’s the facts
I might be hurting
But that’s just proof I can still feel
That I’m alive
You weren’t afraid
You let go
Now you don’t feel, don’t live

I can hear you laughing
Calling me a coward
Saying I’m less than you
But who you call a coward
I call a survivor
You’re the one who took the easy road
And let go
Laugh all you want from down there
Where you can’t see the light
This survivor sees a sunrise coming