July 14th – The Third Wheel

And today’s poem as it should be!

The Third Wheel

I liked it when I was
The One–
The leader
The center
The girl who never lacked friends–
It made me confident
And proud
I nearly cried when it ended
Why did I become
The Third Wheel–
The follower
The outsider
The girl who always feels left out–
I didn’t think
I did that much wrong
To receive
This much hurt
And go from being everyone’s girl
To a loner
Too afraid to speak up
And say how I feel


July 5th – Denial

All right, all right–I really am trying to keep up over here! I’m always writing, but I’m just not posting. Life and stuff has been busying and otherwise in the way. I suppose I can let my poetry be a testament to that.


When did this change?
When did it go from fun
To horrid?
From easy
To hard?
I don’t know
But I want to
Because I can’t take the tears

I don’t want to think
That I know why she walked out
The thoughts hurt my head
And blur my vision
With red
I’ll live in denial
Just to make this stop

Because I don’t want to understand
Her why
And I know want to understand
Her feelings
Because if I admit I know
All her reasoning
Then I’ll know my blackest dream
Can be achieved
And I could survive it
So I’ll leave too