September 29th – Songs on the Radio

Songs on the Radio

So you listen to the radio
Singing your heart out
Wishing with all you’ve got
That person in the song was you

You sing a little louder now
Trying to block the tears
The world in the lyrics sounds perfect
Why can’t you live there too?

You want to believe
You want to find love
You want to live your dreams
You want to discover yourself

Hold on to your faith, your hope
For I have faith in you
One day you’ll hear a melody and smile for
That person in the song is you


June 1st – Home

Happy June 1st!! I can’t believe we’ve nearly reached the halfway point of 2010!! June is a huge month for me for various reasons, and I’m SO excited! …I think I’m done with the exclamation marks now. Today’s poem is, again, from a Honors World Lit assignment, but I like it the best so far. It was supposed to be about nature and express personal feelings and I think it does so. Enjoy!


I wake in the morning

To the sun on my face

As it streams through the window

And paints rainbows on the walls

Then the robin sings his greeting

Trilling his “Good morning”

And his choir joins in

And they fill the air with melody

I take a step outside

Bathed in light and warmth

I enjoy the earth beneath my bare feet

I revel in the wind in my hair

Down the dirt path is my favorite place

The sandy beach that edges

A lake as calm and clear as glass

With majestic mountains behind it

Here I can sit until the sun goes down

Listening to nature’s music

As the lapping waves keep time

And the insects enjoy a dance

Then the sunset fills the sky

With vibrant colors that paint

A watercolor on the clouds

That I do not dare frame

Then I must return

So the moon guides me back

As the stars blink a sleepy

“Good night”

May 28th – Play On

Well, there seems to be something these days about me and music. Today’s poetry is also about music, but also about life. The idea started forming when I was talking to my friend Marina and came out like this. The title is “Play On” but it has no relation to the Carrie Underwood song of the same name, though I do suggest you check that song out!

Play On

Life is a melody

They say

So what happens if

You hit the wrong note?

If this were a piano

You’d stop and start over

But in life

Those notes are already gone

So you have to keep playing

When you make a mistake

Act like you meant it

Enfold it into your harmony

Because life doesn’t stop

When your fingers start tripping each other

And you just want to quit

Because nothing’s coming out right

Life is an invisible piece of sheet music

Where you decide each note

One by one

And right away they’re gone

Life is a smphony

You’re just one of the ensemble

But every moment

Is your solo

You can’t always

Hit the right note

But you have the choice

To play on

May 27th – To Music

Last night, I started watching the movie August Rush again. I really, really love that movie. One of my favorite quotes is “I believe in music the way some people believe in fairytales.” Couple that with the fact that I have my singing and piano lesson today, and you have a poem dedicated to the magical melody of music. Enjoy!

To Music

Sing a song to me, music

Take away my sorrow

Lighten my heart with harmony

Make me believe in your words

There’s nothing like you, music

You can comfort me when others can’t

For you, I’ll dance when I have no energy

I’ll smile when I have no happiness

You don’t always use words, music

But when you do I grasp onto your message

I absorb the meaning into my heart

And shout them back into the air

When you speak through instruments, music

I can see the notes dancing in the air

I hear the story you are telling just to me

And I never want it to end

You mean a lot to me, music

More then I could ever say

So maybe I’ll write you a song

Or play you a melody

I know you’ll understand