July 14th – The Third Wheel

And today’s poem as it should be!

The Third Wheel

I liked it when I was
The One–
The leader
The center
The girl who never lacked friends–
It made me confident
And proud
I nearly cried when it ended
Why did I become
The Third Wheel–
The follower
The outsider
The girl who always feels left out–
I didn’t think
I did that much wrong
To receive
This much hurt
And go from being everyone’s girl
To a loner
Too afraid to speak up
And say how I feel


July 13th – What Was Once Ours

And yet another poem for the blog that is up late. Gosh I’m good, aren’t I? 😀

What Was Once Ours

Once upon a time
It was our activity
Our talk
Our time
But now it’s not mine
It’s yours
And theirs
Now I’m on the outside
Hating it
Wishing the talk would end
Before it drives me
This used to be fun
It used to be our thing
Before I couldn’t get enough
Now there’s too much
And I don’t matter
But I still can’t bear
To make you stop

July 1st – Where Did June Go?

On July 1st, I honestly couldn’t believe when I had to turn over my calendar page. June flew by so fast! On that note, I started off with a title and ran with what came from my pen!

Where Did June Go?

Where did June go?
Did you hide it under your bed?
Did you lose it in the garden?
Did you leave it somewhere?
I seem to recall
That it was right here
I heard it
I touched it
I smelled it
I tasted it
I saw it
But I don’t remember moving it
Or putting it away
But then I don’t remember
Giving it to you
Friend, if you find June
Bring it back to me
I had it for a time and yet
I can’t remember it at all
And thus I can’t imagine
I got to know it as I should
I miss it, too, you see
So, my friend, just let me know
Where did June go?