June 22nd – My Plan

So I got to thinking today about plans, and how I don’t tend to make them. Yet, when I do, I really hate to have them messed up–like, seriously hate. Yeah, maybe it’s a pet peeve, but I can’t be the only one out there. đŸ˜€ So that thought led to another, which led to another, and another and– You outta know that my mind is all over the place by now! Here’s what I ended up with.

My Plan

I had a plan
But you decided
Now wasn’t the time
Wasn’t the place
You said it should wait
I should change the hour
Switch the day
You suggested maybe
I should forget about it

I had a plan
That you didn’t like
That scared you
That kept you up at night
So you didn’t think it was right
And you felt the need
To squash it
And you thought I’d just
Let it go

I had a plan
That didn’t involve you
And still doesn’t involve you
Because I knew how you’d react
And I don’t care
Since this is my choice
My adventure to have
And perhaps you’re right but
It’s my mistake to make


May 26th – Planning

I was thinking about things today and listening to some people talking about something and … well, I realized how much of our lives we waste on planning things instead of implementing them–or, better yet, all the time people say they’re planning but are instead doing nothing. Today’s poem is another list poem, which I seem to enjoy writing for some reason I cannot define.


Planning, planning

Always planning

Drawing maps

Making outlines

Researching info

Creating slides

Accumulating papers

Reading books

Brainstorming ideas

Talking lots

Doing nothing

Wasting time

Avoiding work

Ditching assignments

Ignoring commands

Doodling nonsense

Chucking ideas

Hiding fear

Planning, planning

Always planning

How about

Doing something?