Mini Reviews: 3 Novels in Verse

I’m usually not a fan of novels in verse, but the reading experience of all three of these is really interesting. Two have to deal with racial identities in America and one is about disability in India–and none have the same story line. They range the gambit from middle grade to young adult. Two, however, were more successful than one … but you’ll have to see which is which.


I Wrote a Novel, Now What? Episode 3 – Confronting Privilege

This is perhaps one of the most important videos I will make about my revisions to my novel moving forward, in which I admit that I made some mistakes about plot lines left aside but how I plan to address this in the future! Even the best intentioned plot lines can be left undone if the writer does not constantly confront and interrogate their own writing as they go, and even what I’ve discovered so far is probably just the tip of the iceberg for me. As Mad Eye Moody would say, CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

Betwixt the Books: Discussion – Does Hermione have to be White?

Hello all! I promised you more Betwixt the Books from me and Michaela from The Pied Piper Calls, and I’ve come through!

We took some time today to discuss the casting of an African Hermione, race in books, and to be generally annoyed by those who have unacknowledged white privilege enough to be annoyed by the casting. Michaela made a blog post about her individual feelings which is a very good read, and then the video is here!

Please leave comments with your own thoughts!