Pieces of Me

Pieces of Me

You see me as the girl
High above you in the sky
Dancing on the clouds
With my face turned ever towards the sunlight
Let me tell you a secret

That girl isn’t real
She’s a ghost
Only half of herself
But yes
She’s me
Let me tell you a story

I fell from the clouds
Long ago
No one reached out a hand
And its fine
I wouldn’t have taken it anyway
Let me tell you what happened

I shattered on the stony ground
Losing myself in a million pieces
I laid there under the pouring rain
Until somehow I found away
To pick up what was left
Let me tell you a secret

I didn’t get them all
I left bits to dull in the dirt
Now I can’t fly as high because the sun hurts my eyes
It’s a cycle now
The flying, the falling, the failing

And every time I lose a little bit more


June 6th – Rain

As you may have noticed, today’s poem is inspired by rain. I woke up this morning to the sound of it, and by the looks of the forecast I need to get used to it. And not just a sprinkle–non-stop, downpour rain. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate the rain, immensely, but I’m not against its inspirational qualities!


It’s one of those days

When you wake up in the morning

And it’s so cloudy

It’s still dark out

And you can’t get yourself out of bed

And the rain isn’t sprinkling

But pounding on the ground like a migraine

Making your front lawn a giant puddle

And you manage to move

But have nothing to do

Except snap at those closest to you

So you do

Until you fill up with enough rage

That you throw on your raincoat

And head outside before you burst

But the rain is so fierce

That you still find yourself

Soaked to the skin

And you start to cry in frustration

Until your fed up mind says

To hell with this

And you throw off your coat

To feel the clouds’ tears on your skin

And dance