Betwixt the Books Buddy Reading Challenge 2023 Announcement | We Created Our Own Reading Challenge

Wherein Michaela and Gretchen talk about the challenges that they chose for themselves to help guide their buddy reads in 2023. Are half of them failed challenges from last year … yep … but that’s okay. We are just going to try again until we succeed! You can join the challenge or see some of the books we have tentatively planned for these challenges here:…

If you just want to know what our challenges are they are also listed below. If you want more information or clarification on any of these challenges we talk a bit about them in the video or you can visit the storygraph page where we describe them in a bit more detail as well!

1. Read an antiracist nonfiction book.

2. Read a book featuring an Ace protagonist.

3. Read a book that has been translated into English.

4. Read an entire series.

5. Read a second chance book.

6. Read an ARC and review it on time.

7. Read a queer romance.

8. Read an adult book written by a traditionally YA author.

9. Reread a book we have already read and reviewed.

10. Listen to a full cast audio book.

Bonus Challenges

1. Read a book recommended by one of Gretchen’s favorite authors.

2. Read a book recommended by one of Michaela’s favorite authors.


Betwixt the Books Buddy Reading Challenge 2021 Wrap Up + 2022 Challenge Prompts

Wherein Michaela and I talk about how we did on the reading challenge we created for ourselves! If you would like to join us in our reading challenge or just keep an eye on the books we are reading (or plan to read) for certain prompts then please join us over on The Story Graph:…

We mentioned more videos than we can put cards in so we wanted to add in links to those videos as well: Our original announcement last year:…

Our review of Written in the Star:…

Gretchen’s series review of the Folk of the Air Trilogy:…

You can find all of our joint reviews and other videos where we discuss all things bookish in our Betwixt the Books Playlist:…

We created our own reading challenge | Reading Challenge Announcement

Wherein Gretchen and Michaela talk about the mini challenges they are plaining to use to help guide their buddy reads this year! We have been known in the past to use similar challenges to help us pick book club books and we also use them to help make sure that we are stepping out of our comfort zones and reading books that represent more than just our own experiences.

American President Reading Challenge Ep. 4 – TR to Coolidge

Yeehaw, here we go again! Ep. 4 of my reading challenge log gets us from the first Roosevelt to Calvin Coolidge, minus Warren. G. Harding. Sorry, Warren!

American President Reading Challenge Ep. 3 – Garfield to McKinley

It’s that time again! I’m going to try my hardest to get you guys all caught up on what I’m reading, starting with this episode of James Garfield to William McKinley, minus Benjamin Harrison because nobody really recently has cared about him I guess. This is a video with two really interesting books sandwiching some meh ones. Enjoy, fellow history nerds!

American President Reading Challenge Ep. 1 – Washington to Jackson

Hey guys! Doing some video back posting on the blog because live has been crazy, but not to worry. I haven’t been making a ton of videos in the last year since I’ve posted. This one is about a reading challenge I started that is still ongoing where I try to read at least one biography on every United States President! Why? Watch and find out!

Booktubeathon 2017 TBR

In which I make a TBR for a challenge I love but probably won’t have time to do anything with because work-life balance is not a thing and I’m trying to get back into reading teen fiction which may or may not work.

Betwixt the Books Discuss! Reader’s (Booktuber’s) Guilt

Michaela and I did a thing! Would you look at that. This is generally referring to our struggles with our Popsugar Reading Challenge this year, and how our reading in general has been affected by the challenge and our booktuber duties. We discuss strategies for removing this guilt from our lives while also getting things like challenges done. Also we’re, like, together and awesome so. Worth the watch!