June 21st – Forgotten

I suppose today’s poem has something to do with my latest short story, which was titled The Forgotten. However, while today’s poem doesn’t start today, I think it’s more upbeat than the first draft of the story! The word “forgotten” was, obviously, rolling around in my head and I got to thinking about everybody is afraid to be forgotten in the end–and today’s poem was born!


I don’t want to be forgotten
My name removed from all minds
My face wiped from all memories
My smile removed from all photographs
I don’t want to be the one
Who people only semi-mourn
Who leaves no mark on the world
Who slips away unnoticed
I don’t want to be the person
Left with a heart still empty
Left with a dream unfulfilled
Left with no hand to hold

I want to be someone
Whose name is on everyone’s lips
Whose face is recognized
Whose smile is glory-filled
I want to be the one
Who no one forgets
Who leaves giant footprints
Who goes out with a bang
I want to be the person
With a heart full to bursting
With a dream achieved
With a loving hand to hold

I refuse to be forgotten


June 12th – Friends

Today’s poem is all about friends. Everybody has them because what would we have withOUT them? Today, I received an early birthday card from my friend Entru (whose blog was just added to my blogroll) and it got me thinking about how awesome friends are. Even as I type, I’ve got three of my awesome friends on Skype and I haven’t stopped smiling since we started talking! So here’s to them and every other friend in the world!


I’d like to dedicate this poem
To those people in my life
Who make me smile every day
Even when I start off
With a frown
They are
And completely random
But they can also be
And serious when they need to be
Because they will always be
Whatever I need them to be
Whenever I need them to be
And I would
Do the same
For we all need
In our lives
Those shooting stars of people
We otherwise call

May 20th – Remembrance

A new day, a new poem–one, quite frankly, that came out of nowhere. The funny thing is, I’ve been reading mostly romance-y young adult novels as of late, and nothing like the setting of the poem has ever occured, nor has anything like it happened in my life … ever, let alone recently. I suppose that’s the beauty of writing!


I’m trying to remember

How you looked

The last time I saw you

I’m trying to remember

Your reaction

When I told you we were through

I’m trying to remember

What you said

To show that you’re lying right now

I don’t remember you


Begging me to stay

I don’t remember you


For all the hurt you caused me

I don’t remember you


You would change

I remember

You betraying me

Thinking I wouldn’t find out

I remember

The pain

You didn’t care I felt

I remember

Letting you go

And you running off to your “other”

Don’t you dare


At my feet now

Don’t you dare


You’ve changed forever

Don’t you dare


And tell me you love me

I remember

You don’t mean it