May 30th – Real Revolution

The inspiration for today’s poem actually came from the four page paper I was writing for Honors World History about The Age of Revolution (look it up, it’s good to know these things :D). One of the criteria for the essay was “a clear definition of revolution.” While what I wrote in my essay is far less poetic, my poem is an extension of my train of thought for that message.

Definition of Revolution: Noun, a sudden, radical, or complete change

Real Revolution

Revolution is a pot of water

Still until it starts to simmer

Steaming up the room until

It finally boils over

Revolution is a net

Bringing a myriad of people together

With invisible strings

And binding them together

Revolution is a flame

Lit by a burning few

Who throw some well-worded matches

Into a thirsting wood

Revolution is a wave

Starting far out at sea

Crashing onto hometown shores

While its ripples ride onto foreign beaches

Revolution is a ball

Rolling onward forevermore

Bouncing roughly but never breaking

Turning the world on its head