I liked it! But… | The True Love Experiment ARC Review

I really love Christina Lauren books, and this one is pretty good. However, I had some issues with the plot and pacing that made me have FEELINGS so we’re going to talk about them.

An Outrageous Romance ARC TBR

I kid you not, I let my Edelweiss ARC requests get so out of hand that I have one ARC to read a week for the next 18 weeks. Can I do it? Unlikely. But this is me trying to hold myself accountable and do my best. Let me know if you think there are some I should be sure to read!

Off the Map ARC Review | Novel or novella?

I made an oops and requested a Trish Doller series I haven’t read one of. However, I still had enough feelings about it to put together a review that may be helpful whether you’ve read the Beck Sisters books or not! Mostly because this has some emotional content in the end that I was NOT ready for…


Heart, Haunt, Havoc Review | Betwixt the Books Reviews | T4T Horror Romance Review

Wherein Michaela and I discuss this trans romance novella with a bit of a mild disagreement. That’s why we are here though, to discuss how we all read and enjoy things differently! (And, honestly, we should all know how I feel about novellas at this point…)

Insta-buy author confirmed | Just My Type ARC Review

Falon Ballard did a great job with their first book, Lease on Love, but could it happen again? Spoiler alert: it can. This book might be even better? It’s so hard to review a book you love, but I’m going to give it my best shot!

WHAT is going on here? | Secretly Yours ARC Review

I’m not sure that I am going to answer the question I pose in my title, but I can only explain what I mean. This book was so technically bizarre and confusing. This is not at all Tessa Bailey’s best work.