Buildup of burning frustration
Right between my eyes
Like a sharpshooter’s imbedded bullet
Spilling out from my eyes
Like a crack in a dike
But no little Danish boy can save me
By poking them out
A fist of terror
Halts the beating of my heart
And all I can do is shatter the painful silence
With a sob
Is this in anger?
Is this in sadness?
This is in reaction
To me being crushed
By the suffocating load of responsibility
You were stupid enough to think I could hold up


Crack in the Wall

Crack in the Wall

There is a crack in the wall
In the corner!
Its minute fissures have spread like vines
Wanting to grow
Begging me to water them
Will I?
Once there would have been no question
But now–
Life, my friend, is not an easy game to play
Let alone master
That crack is taunting me
Calling me
“One easy smash,” it says
“Will shatter the wall to dust”
“And it will be like it never existed–”
Be silent!
Leave me be
Let me stare in silence
At the light peeking through
Maybe the sun will be a kinder persuader or
It will leave me in peace
For it’s hard to justify the crumbling
Of a wall I built
To keep life out

September 26th – Millions of Stars

Millions of Stars

I thought to fly
Through the curls of the clouds
Farther up then the eye can see
But I tripped on a sunbeam
And fell to the ground
Shattering sharply
There I waited
Drained of my joy
Until the moon rose high and
Painted the ground silver
While I
In my millions of pieces
Reflected millions of stars