September 21st – Falling Apart

Falling Apart

Fall apart, World
Go ahead
Watch me care
Are you crumble around me
Watch me laugh
At your icy silence
Watch me grow stronger
When you hurt me
What me hold the tears
As you let sorrow rain
Watch me do it all alone
If you take away my friends
Go ahead, World
Watch me fall apart


July 25th – Little One

All right, I switched this up … I actually wrote various pieces of poetry last Sunday so I’m going to go with this shorter one rather than the one I wrote for To Kill a Mockingbird

Little One

Little one
Be silent
Find some inner quiet
Hearing your voice
Gets grating
After a while
And that joke
Was only funny
The first time
Shh, little one
Let someone else talk
Try listening
Once and a while
You’d hear that
Even silence
Has a song of its own

June 13th – Silence

This weekend I rarely had a moment to myself, and my ears were constantly assaulted with noise. Now, I don’t mind, but after a while it gets to you. The fact that I’m claustrophobic doesn’t help things either. Today, though, the source of most of the noise went away and I got to get back to simple silence, hence today’s poem.


Oh Silence
How I have missed
Your quiet bliss
And cold caress
My mind has been
Nothing but chaos
Since you left
You abandoned me
To the violent throes
Of incessant talk and
Crushing sound waves
That made my head
Pound like a thousand war drums
Until my eyes started dancing
With stars
And twitching
To the beat
So I had to sit
Lest I fall
Into a black abyss
You have brought
The sweet darkness with you
And returned the simple pleasure
Of having a moment
To breathe
Oh Silence
How I have missed you