Take Away

Take Away

Take away my things
Take away my pride
Take away my smile
Take away my laugh
Take away my self-respect
Take away my courage
Take away my love
Take away my happiness
Take away my tears
Take away my truth
Take away my friends
Take away my sanctuary
Take away my sanity
Take away my music
Take away my breath
Take away my soul
Take away my life

Take away everything I am but that only
Takes away my love for you


September 22nd – I Don’t Feel

I Don’t Feel

Tears streak my face
I don’t feel them fall
Icicles stab my heart
I don’t feel it stop
Anger boils in my blood
I don’t feel the burn
Laughter dances through the air
I don’t feel a smile
I keep my inner world together
I don’t feel the edges fraying

August 7th – Smile


I’d forgotten how to smile so wide
That each corner touched the sky
And my cheeks hurt
But I didn’t care
As my teeth shone white
Reflecting the sun’s rays
And my laughter came deep from my throat
With such force that I tipped my head back
While clapping my hands with delight
And in that second
I couldn’t believe
I’d forgotten how to smile so wide

June 28th – The Last Day

June 28th was the last full day of my trip in California, so obviously I was feeling a little sad. Also, hence the name of the poem. All the same, I tried to end it on a positive note because–of course–my trip was extremely positive!

The Last Day

It’s the last day
I don’t understand
Where the time went
Or when the trip changed
From just beginning to nearly over
And we went from awkward
To comfortable

It’s the last day
Tomorrow I’ll be on an airplane
For endless hours
Each moment taking me
Away from you
And back to the monotony
Of home

It’s the last day
Now, instead of hopes and wishes,
I have memories filled
With laughter
And a camera card
Full of smiles
To share