I Tried

I Tried

I tried, love
To stem the tides
To beat back the flames
But I lost the battle
I’m so ashamed
How did we come to this?

I tried, love
To not let it cut
To keep an optimistic perspective
I held them back when they would hurt you
But somehow I lost my way
I joined their side

I tried, love
To keep my heart glad to see you
To fill myself with trust of you
But I held on until I bled
And the wounds could not be healed
And sorry became a useless plea

I tried, love
But I will not live with the self-loathing
That comes from hating you

Sorry for the absense…

Hello everyone! Sorry for being very absent as of late! I actually just came back from a three week vacation, during which time I had little access to the internet. I will be getting back to everyone’s comments soon–thank you so much for putting up with me! A new poem is going up soon!