June 19th – My Life

Before I get to today’s poem, I need to make a very special announcement. This week in Jingle’s poetry rally, I was nominated by Jingle for the Perfect Poet Award and now I am very honored to say that I was awarded it. As per the acceptance rules, here is the award (below) and my nomination for next week is none other than the amazing Jingle. Here is a poem from Jingle –> http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/06/16/thursday-poets-rally-week-23-poem-post-perfect-poet-award-acceptance/


Now, for today’s poem, I was reading all these poems about people’s lives and it was really depressing! So I set out to write a poem based on my feelings about my life that were POSITIVE! And here it is:

My Life

The sun is shining
The birds are singing
A gentle breeze is blowing
And as I look out the window
I smile when I realize
It’s one of those mornings
I can’t believe this is my life

There are cookies downstairs
A whole plate full
In the shape of a daisy
With raspberry jelly in the middle
I ate three for breakfast
With my mom’s permission
I can’t believe this is my life

I’m going hiking today
Up just one of the mountains
That cover my area
And it’s hotter than an oven
But the view will be worth it
Besides, my friends will be with me
I can’t believe this is my life

It’s one of those days
Where the darkest teenager
Couldn’t find a thing to complain about
There’s sparkles dancing on the water
And not a cloud in the sky
And not a frown to be seen for miles
Yeah, this is my life


May 23rd – Dance with Me

People say that the weather affects your mood, and I totally believe it. Today’s weather is sunny, sunny-er and sunny-est and I am LOVING IT! I spent practically all day up until now just reveling in the sun. I started thinking about sun, which led me to sunbeams, which led me to remember this phrase I heard one time about “dancing sunbeams” which– Well, what I trying to say is that I ended up with today’s poem in my head.

Dance with Me

Dance with me

Through the shaded leaves of trees

Where we can twirl as we jump up and down

Among the gnarled branches

And maybe we’ll hop on the

Wings of a bird

So we can laugh as it flies and

Join in its trilling song

Then we’ll leap into the air

And land on the water

Making every sparkle our spotlight

Spinning faster and faster

Then we’ll jump and land on a sunbeam

And sashay our way up it

Until we reach the top of the sky

And rest our weary feet on the clouds

Dance with me