September 30th – The Cost

The Cost

You know everyone hates you
Even as they worship at your feet
But you don’t care
Because you’ve got everything they want
You’ve got everything you could ever want
And their loathing just makes it better
So you plaster on a Barbie doll smile
Give out a well-practiced wave
Toss your hair
Flash your bling
Hear them ooh and ah
Why don’t you just fashion yourself a crown?
But don’t you look to me Queen B
Don’t you ask me what I think
Because all I’ll ever give you is one sad smile
Since I know what it cost you to get here
And it doesn’t outweigh the return


September 26th – Millions of Stars

Millions of Stars

I thought to fly
Through the curls of the clouds
Farther up then the eye can see
But I tripped on a sunbeam
And fell to the ground
Shattering sharply
There I waited
Drained of my joy
Until the moon rose high and
Painted the ground silver
While I
In my millions of pieces
Reflected millions of stars

June 24th – I Miss You

Hello blogosphere, I’m BAAAACK! You miss me? 😀 I know I missed you guys! Forgive me for being slow to update my blog with the days of poetry I couldn’t post–my jet lag is rather ridiculous… But here is the poem I wrote way back on the 24th of June as I was flying in an airplane!

I Miss You

If you were to look up
Right now
I wonder if you’d see me
As I dance through the sky
And build castles with the clouds
I wish I could tell you
To give it a try
But the space between us
Is too great
Maybe someday
I’ll invite you
To my palace of sunbeams and mist
But for now
All I can do is build
And every once and a while
Send you a shooting star
To say
I miss you

June 12th – Friends

Today’s poem is all about friends. Everybody has them because what would we have withOUT them? Today, I received an early birthday card from my friend Entru (whose blog was just added to my blogroll) and it got me thinking about how awesome friends are. Even as I type, I’ve got three of my awesome friends on Skype and I haven’t stopped smiling since we started talking! So here’s to them and every other friend in the world!


I’d like to dedicate this poem
To those people in my life
Who make me smile every day
Even when I start off
With a frown
They are
And completely random
But they can also be
And serious when they need to be
Because they will always be
Whatever I need them to be
Whenever I need them to be
And I would
Do the same
For we all need
In our lives
Those shooting stars of people
We otherwise call

June 2nd – The Star

I’m really late posting today, but that’s because today was pretty busy. I’d like to say thanks for everyone’s comments on my previous poems! Hopefully, I’ll write some more stuff that’s actually worth reading :D. That said, today’s poem is also really short. It’s for everybody who’s reaching for a dream that people say they’ll never achieve.

The Star

I’m reaching

For the highest star

The one that holds the key

To Neverland and beyond

I can feel the heat

On my fingertips

But I just can’t reach it

You laugh when you see me

Straining on my tip-toes

And you ask me if I think

The star will fall

Because that’s the only way

I’ll catch it

I’m not stopping

I’m still reaching

No matter what you say

Because just the sparkling warmth

Of being so close

Is enough to keep my dream alive

And a smile on my face