Where I’ve Been: Dreams to Realities (i.e., the Mushiest Thing I Will Ever Write)

I know that I don’t blog as much as I ought to anymore, but hey. That’s life. However, if you’ve been watching our Bibliomancer videos (or just seen Michaela’s great thumbnails for recent episodes) then you know that I missed on regularly scheduled episode on Jorge Luis Borges’ Collected Fictions AND the first of our ten part Nostalgia Junkie special with the Pendragon books. I promised in each of those posts that I would get around to tell you all where I’ve been.

That promised time is now.

I’m going to diverge for a second, though, and give some context for what’s about to follow. As you may or may not know, I am an English and Writing double major at Ithaca College–about to be a senior. This means I have two more semesters before I get spit out into the big, wide world. I always maintained that what I wanted was to be a teacher. Always.

And it had started to seem like a problem.

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June 27th – Two Years

So, I’m being rather slow in catching up–I apologize. However, school has decided that the end is the perfect time to overrun me, so … yeah. On the subject of school, on the 27th of June I attended my school’s graduation and came out with this!

Two Years

Those two years it will take
To shed these junior textbooks
Seemed long and far away
Until I saw them in their cap and gowns
And thought
Two years
Two years until I leave my home
Two years until I’m on my own
Two years until I am the solo master
Of my life
One endless second ago
Those two years seemed ridiculous
But as my friends scream
“I did it!”
Those two years have shrunk
Into tiny fractions of time
That I feel the urge to run from
For if I blink
I know that they’ll be gone

May 25th – Student Woes

I was sitting at my desk today, trying to think of something to write and trying not the think of all the school work I have to do since I am majorly behind. Sadly, it took my far too long to realize that my ammount of school work could be used to fuel my writing! This poem is meant more to make you smile then anything else–I hope it works!

Student Woes


I’m drowning under

      A sea of papers

I’m being crushed under

      A rockslide of textbooks

A platoon of essays

      Just started attacking

A company of syllabuses

      Just started advancing

My pencils have begun

      Stabbing me

My laptop has begun

     Electrifying me

The assignments are just

      Getting longer and longer

The chapters are just

      Getting larger and larger

I think my desk

      Is going to collapse

I think my head

     Is going to explode