Pieces of Me

Pieces of Me

You see me as the girl
High above you in the sky
Dancing on the clouds
With my face turned ever towards the sunlight
Let me tell you a secret

That girl isn’t real
She’s a ghost
Only half of herself
But yes
She’s me
Let me tell you a story

I fell from the clouds
Long ago
No one reached out a hand
And its fine
I wouldn’t have taken it anyway
Let me tell you what happened

I shattered on the stony ground
Losing myself in a million pieces
I laid there under the pouring rain
Until somehow I found away
To pick up what was left
Let me tell you a secret

I didn’t get them all
I left bits to dull in the dirt
Now I can’t fly as high because the sun hurts my eyes
It’s a cycle now
The flying, the falling, the failing

And every time I lose a little bit more


Crack in the Wall

Crack in the Wall

There is a crack in the wall
In the corner!
Its minute fissures have spread like vines
Wanting to grow
Begging me to water them
Will I?
Once there would have been no question
But now–
Life, my friend, is not an easy game to play
Let alone master
That crack is taunting me
Calling me
“One easy smash,” it says
“Will shatter the wall to dust”
“And it will be like it never existed–”
Be silent!
Leave me be
Let me stare in silence
At the light peeking through
Maybe the sun will be a kinder persuader or
It will leave me in peace
For it’s hard to justify the crumbling
Of a wall I built
To keep life out

September 26th – Millions of Stars

Millions of Stars

I thought to fly
Through the curls of the clouds
Farther up then the eye can see
But I tripped on a sunbeam
And fell to the ground
Shattering sharply
There I waited
Drained of my joy
Until the moon rose high and
Painted the ground silver
While I
In my millions of pieces
Reflected millions of stars

August 7th – Smile


I’d forgotten how to smile so wide
That each corner touched the sky
And my cheeks hurt
But I didn’t care
As my teeth shone white
Reflecting the sun’s rays
And my laughter came deep from my throat
With such force that I tipped my head back
While clapping my hands with delight
And in that second
I couldn’t believe
I’d forgotten how to smile so wide

July 2nd – The Hike

So, yesterday, two great things happened. One: MY BLOG HIT 1,000 HITS!!! Thanks SO much guys–you are all amazing! Two: I went on a fun hike with some friends. Of course, the thing was that it was very muddy and not very fun at times but … well, I’ll just let you read the poem to see what I thought about it!

The Hike

As I’m trudging up the mountainside
I stop and take a breath
Grimacing at my white sneakers
Now caked in black mud
Which, as I look up the path,
Appears all this trail will ever be
Besides a near vertical climb
My group is pushing on without me
Still optimistic and believing
This mountain has a top

It’s hot
I’m thirsty
My water bottle’s empty
My legs are scratched
My shoes are dirty
And my only option
Is to keep trudging through the muck
So I climb and I sigh
And I sigh and I climb
Until, at last, the top is in sight
And I bound up the peak
With a burst of energy
And gasp

There’s not a cloud in the sky
And the sun is shining bright
So one can see for miles and miles
As I sit on the warm rock
And rest my feet
I no longer question
If the hike was worth it

June 29th – I Am An Adventurer

This poem started out as a sort of joke, because coming back from my trip I did cross the entire US and go through two countries. It actually got into my emotions, though, and I’m sure anyone who’s been on a long trip knows what I mean.

I Am An Adventurer

For I am an adventurer
She who crosses a continent
Battling the currents
By the harsh light of the sun
And braving the altitude
Though I am afraid of heights

For I am an adventurer
She who goes through
Four time zones
Travelling through the
Very fabric of time
And surviving

For I am an adventurer
She who traverses two countries
And knows all the languages
With no fear of killer roads
Or foreign people
Though I am alone

For I am an adventurer
She who drives through the night
Fighting drowsiness
To pull into a known driveway and
Throw open the door to shout

June 24th – I Miss You

Hello blogosphere, I’m BAAAACK! You miss me? 😀 I know I missed you guys! Forgive me for being slow to update my blog with the days of poetry I couldn’t post–my jet lag is rather ridiculous… But here is the poem I wrote way back on the 24th of June as I was flying in an airplane!

I Miss You

If you were to look up
Right now
I wonder if you’d see me
As I dance through the sky
And build castles with the clouds
I wish I could tell you
To give it a try
But the space between us
Is too great
Maybe someday
I’ll invite you
To my palace of sunbeams and mist
But for now
All I can do is build
And every once and a while
Send you a shooting star
To say
I miss you

June 1st – Home

Happy June 1st!! I can’t believe we’ve nearly reached the halfway point of 2010!! June is a huge month for me for various reasons, and I’m SO excited! …I think I’m done with the exclamation marks now. Today’s poem is, again, from a Honors World Lit assignment, but I like it the best so far. It was supposed to be about nature and express personal feelings and I think it does so. Enjoy!


I wake in the morning

To the sun on my face

As it streams through the window

And paints rainbows on the walls

Then the robin sings his greeting

Trilling his “Good morning”

And his choir joins in

And they fill the air with melody

I take a step outside

Bathed in light and warmth

I enjoy the earth beneath my bare feet

I revel in the wind in my hair

Down the dirt path is my favorite place

The sandy beach that edges

A lake as calm and clear as glass

With majestic mountains behind it

Here I can sit until the sun goes down

Listening to nature’s music

As the lapping waves keep time

And the insects enjoy a dance

Then the sunset fills the sky

With vibrant colors that paint

A watercolor on the clouds

That I do not dare frame

Then I must return

So the moon guides me back

As the stars blink a sleepy

“Good night”

May 24th – Sunburned

Once again, I have no idea where the idea for this poem came from. I was sitting outside again in the most awesome sun with my mom and grandma and my mom said something about a really red sunburn. I got to thinking about what the term “sunburned” could mean and came out with this.


Once, I thought

That I needed your light

That I could bask in it forever

And I’d never get sunburned

Once, I thought

I needed all of you to grow

That your light caused me to shine

And I’d never get sunburned

Once, I thought

Red was only the color of love

Not related to blood or burns

And I’d never get sunburned

Once, I thought

That if you left I’d shrivel and die

Because I needed excessive light to survive

And I’d never get sunburned

Now, I know

I don’t need you to grow

And too much light is what’s

Left me sunburned

Now, I know

I don’t need you to shine

That your rays were just weapons that

Left me sunburned

Now, I know

Red is the color of pain

That it’s the color of the way you

Left me sunburned

Now, I know

I’m not going to shrivel and die

But I’m going to keep the scars from the way you

Left me sunburned

May 23rd – Dance with Me

People say that the weather affects your mood, and I totally believe it. Today’s weather is sunny, sunny-er and sunny-est and I am LOVING IT! I spent practically all day up until now just reveling in the sun. I started thinking about sun, which led me to sunbeams, which led me to remember this phrase I heard one time about “dancing sunbeams” which– Well, what I trying to say is that I ended up with today’s poem in my head.

Dance with Me

Dance with me

Through the shaded leaves of trees

Where we can twirl as we jump up and down

Among the gnarled branches

And maybe we’ll hop on the

Wings of a bird

So we can laugh as it flies and

Join in its trilling song

Then we’ll leap into the air

And land on the water

Making every sparkle our spotlight

Spinning faster and faster

Then we’ll jump and land on a sunbeam

And sashay our way up it

Until we reach the top of the sky

And rest our weary feet on the clouds

Dance with me