An Outrageous Romance ARC TBR

I kid you not, I let my Edelweiss ARC requests get so out of hand that I have one ARC to read a week for the next 18 weeks. Can I do it? Unlikely. But this is me trying to hold myself accountable and do my best. Let me know if you think there are some I should be sure to read!

We created our own reading challenge | Reading Challenge Announcement

Wherein Gretchen and Michaela talk about the mini challenges they are plaining to use to help guide their buddy reads this year! We have been known in the past to use similar challenges to help us pick book club books and we also use them to help make sure that we are stepping out of our comfort zones and reading books that represent more than just our own experiences.


Trapped in My E-Reader TBR

Because there are SO MANY BOOKS on my e-reader that I’ve forgotten about, this will literally just be a list of books I’ve gotten and left unread in an attempt to shame myself into reading them. This has been weighing really heavily on me, so hopefully this is the push I need to get this done!

Booktubeathon 2017 TBR

In which I make a TBR for a challenge I love but probably won’t have time to do anything with because work-life balance is not a thing and I’m trying to get back into reading teen fiction which may or may not work.

MASSIVE End of the Year TBR

Do you guys remember that PopSugar Reading Challenge TBR I did at the beginning of the year? Well, it really wasn’t cutting it. I haven’t been reading nearly enough of my challenge picks, and it’s time to change all that. I’ve updated my TBR and gotten serious about this thing! Here we go!

Booktubeathon 2016 Wrap Up

This is it guys, I promise. Booktubeathon is over and, as expected, I did not complete all the challenges. However, I read four out of seven books and completed six out of seven reading challenges, so I don’t think I did that bad! If you didn’t catch the initial TBR, then you should watch that, but otherwise here’s my wrap up! I’m giving you all a sneak peak at all the reviews I’m going to tape and get out to you soon, so don’t miss out!

Booktubeathon 2016 TBR

Hey guys! At 9:30AM yesterday, Michaela said, “Want to participate in booktubeathon?” and I said, “Sure! When does it start?” and she said, “Midnight.” Now, here we are with a TBR video not only for me, not only for her but ALSO for the two of us AND Taylor! That’s right, even Taylor’s been dragged into this madness! We’re really excited to participate for the first time, even if we don’t think there is any way we’ll get through all seven books. Fingers crossed!

From the Notebook: ChLA TBR & Recommendations!

I swear this video went up on the YouTube channel on time. Just not here on time. Anyways, this video is all the books that I have been inspired to put on my TBR due to the Children’s Literature Association conference that Taylor and I attended a few weeks ago. There’s a lot of goodies on here–some you’ve probably heard of, some you haven’t! AND, there’s a sneak peek at a joint review from Michaela and I that’s coming soon!

From the Notebook: My First Bookshelf Tour!

Happy Monday! This week I’m bringing you guys my first bookshelf tour, showcasing mostly my TBR books plus some of my favorites. It also functions a little bit like a haul too, because I put my most recent acquisitions in a special place. It’s a little bit of everything awesome, honestly! …it’s also the most editing work I think I’ve ever put into something, so there’s that. I hope you enjoy!