July 17th – Invisible

This one could be considered a response to The Third Wheel I suppose, in its own way.


I lied
When I said
Being the person on the outside
Is the worst
I’ve now discovered
That at least
The person
Is seen
Every now and again

What’s worse is the person
In the middle of the room
Who can move in and out
Without anyone seeing
Or caring

Poor invisible one
I wish we could find comfort
But we can’t even see each other
Since I can barely
See myself


July 14th – The Third Wheel

And today’s poem as it should be!

The Third Wheel

I liked it when I was
The One–
The leader
The center
The girl who never lacked friends–
It made me confident
And proud
I nearly cried when it ended
Why did I become
The Third Wheel–
The follower
The outsider
The girl who always feels left out–
I didn’t think
I did that much wrong
To receive
This much hurt
And go from being everyone’s girl
To a loner
Too afraid to speak up
And say how I feel