The Question

The Question

It tugs at your mind
Like a forlorn child
Begging for attention
Whimpering to be heard
But when you dare to listen
The sound grates your ears
Like a scream
That you can still hear
When you clap your hands over your ears
To stem the bleeding
But the life force drains
Down your cheeks like tears
And you watch the droplets
Drip onto the floor
In a rhythmic staccato
Keeping time with your heartbeat
As your frantic pulse slows
As your body empties its veins
And you sink to the ground
Wondering why


July 16th – Hello Dark Thoughts

Hello depressing poetry! Yeah … more of that to come, too!

Hello Dark Thoughts

Hello Dark Thoughts
What are you doing here?
I thought I told you
To get out
And never come back
You tried to take over once
I kicked you out
Wasn’t that enough of a lesson?

I suppose you’ve realized
How potent my fear of you is
And how heavy of a weapon it is
One skirmish from you
And I’m sweating bullets
Fighting years
Considering surrender
Refusing to admit it all

I like to think that I’ve changed
Since I last saw you
But you know better
You understand that my fears
Are the same, just deeper
And my self-confidence
Is still the same
Shattered mess

I know you’re laughing at me
Because I was so sure
I’d beaten you away
But you creep into my dreams
And chip away at my smiles
Even now
Welcome back, Dark Thoughts
Here we go again