Tick Tock

(No, this isn’t a Ke$ha song.)

Tick Tock

Tick tock
Tick tock

Seconds race around the clock
But minutes drag on by
Yet in an hour things change so much
In a day the world’s brand new
A week can be like
A month or
A million years

Tick tock
Tick tock

We dance to the beat of seconds
Step in time with the minutes
Spend an hour laughing
Revel in a day full of fun
Because who’s to say the week will be full of the same
Or that the month will remain unchanged
That next year we’ll all be here

Tick tock
Tick tock

Death can happen in a second
Laughing can change to tears in a minute
An hour can bring enough pain to topple you
A day can stab you more than once
Weeks can be trenches of endless despair
Months can be pits
A year can spell your end

Tick tock
Tick tock

So what will you do with your seconds?
Your minutes?
Your hours?
Your days?
Your weeks?
Your months?
Your years?

Tick tock
Tick tock




Of your life can go by
As you wait for that
One special moment

Can be wasted
With procrastination
And worry

Are lost
When you sit
And ponder the ifs and buts

Gone by
When you blink
And so much is missed

Given up
To tasks that
Aren’t worth your time

Fly by
As you stare at the clock
And hope that your adventure will start

That can be washed away
In the sands of time
Or they can change your life

August 14th – Castle of Wishes

Castle of Wishes

I wish I lived
In a time
Long ago
Where I owned a castle
And a crown
Where I had my own servants
And gold cache to spend
With handsome princes
Who’d woo me
I’d have no troubles
And a truly happy laugh
With no bags under my eyes
I’d throw a ball
At least once every week
And I’d thoroughly enjoy it

I wish I lived
In a time
Long ago
Where I could be anyone
But me

August 2nd – Mediocre

All right, I’m back to spam your blogospheres and inboxs with another handful of poems! 😀


I used to love me
I knew who I was
I had all the confidence
I thought I knew it all
I believed I’d be a superstar someday

I don’t know me anymore
I make promises I can’t keep
I have no faith in myself
I know I know little
I no longer see my name in lights

I suppose that’s what happens when you discover you’re mediocre

July 23rd – Back Then

Gueessss whooo! Yeah … I am aware that the date of this poem and the date of today is ridiculously far apart. Life is CRAZY for me in the summer and I haven’t had quality peace time in a while. I’m always going to get up to date though, I promise! I never meant to leave it off this long… Anyways, one thing you need to know about this poem and the next two is that they were written for a school project on To Kill a Mockingbird. I had to do a sort of response journal and these are some of the entries I made.

Back Then

I remember the days
When it was you and me
And we were young enough
That not much seemed
And our imagination knew
No limits
You smiled and laughed more
Back then

We acted out
A thousand adventures
That we were sure we’d have
One day
And we played pranks
And we built forts
And we caught toads
Because I didn’t mind that
Back then

Two years between us
Didn’t matter
Unless I pulled rank
(Okay, I did that often)
And the fact that
I’m a girl
And you’re a boy
Wasn’t a barrier
Back then

I know we couldn’t
Act like kids
Because times change
And we
Change with them
But sometimes I wish
We hadn’t changed so much
Back then

You don’t laugh as much
I don’t touch toads
We don’t play make-believe
Sometimes life doesn’t seem
As fun as it was
Back then

But we still have the memories
And we’re still you and me
I can’t stop being
The big sister
And you’ll always be
My little brother
Even though things will
Never be the way they were
Back then

July 4th – Slow Down

Happy July 4th everyone for all who are celebrating that! I apologize for not being able to reply to every single comment I’ve received in recent days–there’s been so many and I’m very slow catching up! Today’s poem was sort of inspired by another hike I did, but it’s not about the hike itself per se.

Slow Down

I still haven’t got the courage
To ask you why
You charge up the hills
Without ever a pause
It seems to be that we should slow
And admire the view as we pass
For it won’t be the same again
And we worked so hard to get here
But you are determined
To only admire as we charge past
With maybe a second to glance

I’ll stay in the back now
And not worry about speed or time
Because while you may get there first
I’ll have a true experience
For I know that nothing’s quite as special
Once you reach the end

June 29th – I Am An Adventurer

This poem started out as a sort of joke, because coming back from my trip I did cross the entire US and go through two countries. It actually got into my emotions, though, and I’m sure anyone who’s been on a long trip knows what I mean.

I Am An Adventurer

For I am an adventurer
She who crosses a continent
Battling the currents
By the harsh light of the sun
And braving the altitude
Though I am afraid of heights

For I am an adventurer
She who goes through
Four time zones
Travelling through the
Very fabric of time
And surviving

For I am an adventurer
She who traverses two countries
And knows all the languages
With no fear of killer roads
Or foreign people
Though I am alone

For I am an adventurer
She who drives through the night
Fighting drowsiness
To pull into a known driveway and
Throw open the door to shout

June 28th – The Last Day

June 28th was the last full day of my trip in California, so obviously I was feeling a little sad. Also, hence the name of the poem. All the same, I tried to end it on a positive note because–of course–my trip was extremely positive!

The Last Day

It’s the last day
I don’t understand
Where the time went
Or when the trip changed
From just beginning to nearly over
And we went from awkward
To comfortable

It’s the last day
Tomorrow I’ll be on an airplane
For endless hours
Each moment taking me
Away from you
And back to the monotony
Of home

It’s the last day
Now, instead of hopes and wishes,
I have memories filled
With laughter
And a camera card
Full of smiles
To share

June 27th – Two Years

So, I’m being rather slow in catching up–I apologize. However, school has decided that the end is the perfect time to overrun me, so … yeah. On the subject of school, on the 27th of June I attended my school’s graduation and came out with this!

Two Years

Those two years it will take
To shed these junior textbooks
Seemed long and far away
Until I saw them in their cap and gowns
And thought
Two years
Two years until I leave my home
Two years until I’m on my own
Two years until I am the solo master
Of my life
One endless second ago
Those two years seemed ridiculous
But as my friends scream
“I did it!”
Those two years have shrunk
Into tiny fractions of time
That I feel the urge to run from
For if I blink
I know that they’ll be gone