Black on White–A Magazine and a Forum in One

Hello blogosphere, oh how I have missed you.

I have been so absent because my grandmother passed away. Though she was failing, it came as a shock and I’ve spent most of my time with family. However, I am now back to tell you about an exciting new development by a friend of mine that I wanted to share!

My friend–who shall remain anonymous because she wants to be–has set up an online magazine for all writers who want to showcase their work, called Black on White. But it is NOT just a magazine. It is also a forum, as seen at After each issue is published online, each piece of work goes onto this forum where other readers and writers can comment on the pieces. Consider it an opportunity to get some feedback on work AND get it published at the same time. You’re welcome. 😀


Writing Resource List Up!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick note to let you all know that I have just put up a Writing Resource list. The shiny new addition to this blog is right up there on top and an easy click away. It’s short right now, but I promise to update it as I go! If I learn about it, you’ll learn about it! By the same token, this is a shout out for all you writers out there: If YOU find a cool site, let me know! I hardly think that I know everything there is to know, and I’m very excited to hear what you guys have found. If you think there is a site that should be added to the list, comment on the page with the link and why it’s awesome! I’ll link it in and give you credit for the find.