Why I’m Here

(FYI, this piece was written off a prompt for “Why are you here?” and to make it as crazy, bragging and laugh-inducing as possible. It’s a wonderful thing to do when you’re feeling down, I promise!)

Why I’m Here

Because I am 16
And I haven’t lived yet
I’m here because I have just self-published a book
And I want to sell a million copies
I haven’t seen Japan yet
I haven’t learned to ride a motorcycle yet
But I am the manager of a 50 person dining room
And the editor of a magazine with 3,000 people who read it
I haven’t seen all my friends face-to-face yet
And no one’s able to fly
And I want recognition
And peace
But I’m still trying to figure out what all that means
I’m here because my brothers need me
I’m here because my parents want me
No one can fix broken bonds yet
But I want to be the first one
And I want to see a world of peace
With no pollution
or greed
And I’m going to make that happen
I am here because I haven’t signed an agent
I haven’t found a publisher
But someday I want to see my title be a NY Times bestseller
I am here because I want to live
And my dreams have stopped the darkness in my heart
I am here because I have something to say
And I haven’t said enough yet

This Poetry Thing

This Poetry Thing

I think this poetry thing
Is going to my head
Since now I can’t even think
Without putting my thoughts into stanzas
Without inserting needless line breaks
Without rhyming random words

I think this poetry thing
Is going to my head
Since now I can’t look at anything
Without hearing the whisper of the trees
Without seeing the story of the clouds
Without smelling the adventures in the kitchen

I think this poetry thing
Is going to my head
Since now I can’t write anything
Without making it a poem
Without chopping it into formats
Without putting it on my blog

I think this poetry thing
Is going to my head
Since now I’m supposed to be doing everything else
But, of course, I’m writing poetry

New Name, New Mission!

Hey everybody!

You may have noticed that the blog just took on a new name. This is because I’ve realized my old “mission,” if you will, wasn’t exactly working. Plus, I don’t want this all to end after one year! So, I’ve decided to change the name and try to expand on what I do here. I want to try to keep doing one poem a day, but I’ve realized I might not be able to do that. I’d also like to try to get some short stories up here and just play around with my writing a little more on the blog then a have been. Well, whatever I do, I think it’s going to be a fun ride!


September 24th – I Believe in Magic

I Believe in Magic

I believe in the sensation
Of pens gliding across paper
I believe in the power
Of the erasers on pencils
I believe that ideas
Are never completely out of reach
I believe that my inner editor
Is useful … sometimes
I believe there are always stories
Waiting to be told
I believe there are always characters
Wanting to be heard
I believe in the millions of journeys
You can take from your chair
I believe that you can become
Your characters
I believe that writing
Is magic

July 28th – My Words

Heyy, look! A single poem appearing on the day it is supposed to! Gee, what a NOVEL idea, no? 😀

My Words

I put a pen to paper
And told it to write me
A sonnet
A haiku
A limerick
An epic
A rhyme
Anything that spoke to souls
With meaning deeper than the sea
And words that flowed like rivers
But when I put the pen to paper
None of that flew out
Instead came choppy verse
With heartfelt words
That pleased me even more

July 12th – Being a Writer

I meant to get this up earlier, but I lost my poetry book where I was writing all this down the other day! It was awful, actually–so glad I found it!

Being a Writer

I know I probably shouldn’t complain
But it seems that when it rains
It pours
Because after months of
Not being able to write
I can’t seem
To stop

There’s poetry
Streaming from my pen
Soaking my paper
In abstract words
That seemingly mean something
To my subconscious
And it’s flowing so freely
I can’t always tell
Where one poem ends
And another begins

There’s prose, too,
Exploding onto the page
With long, vibrant descriptions
And endless action
With plenty of dialogue
But every character
Is so unique
They want their own novel
And what am I to do
When I’m already working on three?

I know I probably shouldn’t complain
I certainly like this
Better than writer’s block
But what’s this poor writer to do
Then ignore all spelling, grammar
And nonsense mistakes
And write until my ink runs dry and
Ever last pencil is gone
Hoping at least one good thing comes out

I guess this is called being a writer

July 11th – Me and Poetry

This poem is addressed to all of my readers–yeah, you! It’s a fun poem that I wrote on a whim, to be honest. 😀 It also marks me being on schedule again! …yeah, let’s see how long THAT lasts, shall we? 🙂

Me and Poetry

I suppose I should finally let you know
That up until I few months ago
I found poetry to be
And I refused to write it

I don’t think I need to tell you
That this opinion has changed
And now I find it
And essential to my writing life

I believe, then, I should warn you
I don’t intend to stop
Even if my words are
You’ll just have to deal with it

July 8th – My Soul on Paper

OK, so, after I wrote some of those poems I got some remarks that they were very personal and maybe I shouldn’t be writing them down. This is my response.

My Soul on Paper

You say I shouldn’t
Write down
The feelings in my heart
But if I don’t
Then tell me
What is writing about?
If I can’t write
With my emotion
Tell me what’s the point?

To me
Writing is sharing
A part of yourself
And not all parts
Are happy
So why should I pretend
That’s all I am?

I refuse to write a lie

So if I write something
That you say
Is very personal
I consider this a compliment
For you see
If I can place a bit of
My soul on paper
Then I have succeeded
As a writer

July 7th – I Tried

After being such a champion of optimistic poetry, I know I’m being a hypocrite with all this. So, on the 7th, I tried NOT to write something depressing. Sadly, when you’re in a certain mood there is only one thing you CAN write.

I Tried

I tried
To write something
But found the words
Wouldn’t flow

I tried
But what do you
From someone who’s
Fighting for a smile

I tried
But then I remembered
You screaming
And how
Tears taste

I tried
But I stopped
Because lying to myself
Doesn’t make it all
Go away