Thursday Poets’ Rally Wk 31 – Tug of War

This is my piece of wk 31 of the Thursday Poets’ Rally over at Jingles. Check it out here:

Tug of War

What’s a battle of tug of war
Between friends?
I assure you
It isn’t innocent
When you are using me as your rope
I’ve listened to his side
I’ve listened to hers
But how the hell
Did I get in the middle?
He attacks her
Using me
She needles him
Using me–
Excuse me!
Don’t I have a say?
Can’t I protest?
Guess not…
But friends
Let me warn you
I’ve been wrung around
This torture wheel before
And I don’t put up with this anymore


24 thoughts on “Thursday Poets’ Rally Wk 31 – Tug of War

  1. hope you well,
    let me know after you returned favors and finished 18 poets New visiting…

    I did not mean to annoy anyone, yet, poets are busy, without pushing, not many people will fulfill the requirement.

    loved your support.
    keep your talent soaring …

    • No worries! To be honest, I’ve lost track of how many people I’ve commented on! What with keeping up with comments on my blog and getting to your list every once and a while, I’ve been doing a little everyday for the past week. I honestly can’t tell you how many I’ve hit!

  2. danroberson says:

    Being the rope is never fun. No one walks away feeling like a winner. And the rope? Sometimes the rope gets burned at both ends. This poem pulled me in with a rope and a twist of reality. Great!

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