Worth It Wednesdays: “The Wrath and The Dawn” by Renee Ahdieh

Welcome to My Life is a Notebook’s new weekly feature, “Worth It Wednesdays”! I know that this sounds like something linky, but for the moment it’s not. This is just me, making a commitment to being a better blogger in the way that I like to blog.

See, I gave up on reviewing for a long time because I just got tired of reading books to review them. It’s draining. I just wanted to read and enjoy, you know? So I stopped and my reading habits got so much better.

But, lately, I’ve been screaming and shouting a lot about YA. I wrote this rant and absolutely blew up in a recent book club video. One of my co-hosts asked me if I could send her a list of YA books that I thought were good, and so I compiled one.

Then I realized that I should start sharing them.

Some of these books I’ll have already reviewed. Some are old, some are new. They are in no particular order. Just … as they strike me. So here we go!

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Bibliomancy for Beginners Nostalgia Junkie: “The Never War” by DJ MacHale

Welcome back all to this special Bibliomancy for Beginners series, Nostalgia Junkie! This ten part special goes book by book through one the favorite childhood series of Head Bibliomancer Michaela from The Pied Piper Calls. Us, with special guest Casey from The Drunk Librarian, will be going week by week through all ten books.

This week we’re talking about the third book: The Never War. Will I ever stop being cranky about the First, Second and Third Earth territories? Will Michaela’s love of Gunny endure? Will Casey come willingly into the happiness of nostalgia or must this first timer be dragged? FIND OUT!

Previous Episodes:

Ep #1: The Merchant of Death

Ep #2: The Lost City of Faar

In Defense of YA: We Need a Rebellion of Our Own

I promised myself a while ago–like, when I started this blog ago–that I would never write a response blog post. I have never wanted to get caught up in any drama. Lord, the drama on the internet, am I right? But two things have happened in such quick succession that I am finally using this blog to say some things.

The first was during the episode of my book club, Bibliomancy for Beginners, that aired last Tuesday. Head over to this link and watch the last six minutes or so. Starting at about 1:04:00 I just … blow up. Seriously. I scare my co-Bibliomancers. Because enough of them have taken enough jabs at the YA genre over the three years that we’ve been doing this that I just broke. (Warning: I say some choice things about John Green. While I stand by my opinion, I recognize that this is my opinion and not some cosmic rule.) So I start shouting in defense of it. Enjoy.

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Where I’ve Been: Dreams to Realities (i.e., the Mushiest Thing I Will Ever Write)

I know that I don’t blog as much as I ought to anymore, but hey. That’s life. However, if you’ve been watching our Bibliomancer videos (or just seen Michaela’s great thumbnails for recent episodes) then you know that I missed on regularly scheduled episode on Jorge Luis Borges’ Collected Fictions AND the first of our ten part Nostalgia Junkie special with the Pendragon books. I promised in each of those posts that I would get around to tell you all where I’ve been.

That promised time is now.

I’m going to diverge for a second, though, and give some context for what’s about to follow. As you may or may not know, I am an English and Writing double major at Ithaca College–about to be a senior. This means I have two more semesters before I get spit out into the big, wide world. I always maintained that what I wanted was to be a teacher. Always.

And it had started to seem like a problem.

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Bibliomancy for Beginners Season 3: Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

Welcome to another episode of the regular season of Bibliomancy for Beginners! Tonight we’re discussing one of Taylor’s picks (ew): a graphic horror novel called Through the Woods by Emily Carroll!


It promises to be FANTASTIC. One, because it’s Taylor’s pick which means I make it my mission to trash him. Two, because the fabulous Casey from The Drunk Librarian (and also our Nostalgia Junkie: Pendragon series and our 13 Days of Misfortune series) will be joining us!

Make sure you join us too!

Bibliomancy for Beginners Nostalgia Junkie: The Lost City of Faar by DJ MacHale

Welcome to the second installment (of 10!) of the Bibliomancy for Beginners special series: Nostalgia Junkie. AND I’M ACTUALLY THERE FOR THIS ONE. (Not that it means that episode 1 is one for you to miss.)

In this special series, myself, Head Bibliomancer Michaela from The Pied Piper Calls and special guest Casey from The Drunk Librarian are tackling the ten books of the Pendragon series by DJ MacHale. This is the link to episode 2 on The Lost City of Faar!

Don’t miss next week, on Monday, when we three tackle the third book in the series, The Never War!

(We did have some technical difficulties in the end because Michaela lost her internet, but never mind the abrupt ending. We’re going to tie up any loose ends–of which there were few–at the beginning of the next episode!)

Bibliomancy for Beginners Nostalgia Junkie: The Merchant of Death by DJ MacHale

You know that, here at Bibliomancy, we’re all about reading as many books as we possibly can. And we love to do it in series. (Do you remember our 13 Days of Misfortune? I do. With anxiety.) Anyways.

Michaela really wanted to do another throwback series, so she picked one of her childhood favorites: The Pendragon books by DJ MacHale. So we’re doing a book a week until we finish the whole series!

Like I said, this special includes Michaela, me and our lovely dear Casey–who you might remember from 13 Days of Misfortune. The link to the first episode is below, which I–sadly–was not a part of due to reasons I will explain rather shortly. HOWEVER, it is still very much worth watching! I hope to see you next week when we do book 2!