The Duchess Takes a Husband | ARC and Series Review

I don’t read a lot of historical romance anymore, but when I do! I had a lot of expectations for the last book of the Gilded Heiresses series. This character deserved her happy ending! Was it a happy read? Let’s discuss.

I liked it! But… | The True Love Experiment ARC Review

I really love Christina Lauren books, and this one is pretty good. However, I had some issues with the plot and pacing that made me have FEELINGS so we’re going to talk about them.

Betwixt the Books Reading Round Table | What are we currently reading?

We wanted to try out a new format of video that let us have some free-form chats about the things we have been reading. We grabbed some of our friends to join us to bring in some fresh perspectives and add to the conversation. Let us know if you enjoy it!

An Outrageous Romance ARC TBR

I kid you not, I let my Edelweiss ARC requests get so out of hand that I have one ARC to read a week for the next 18 weeks. Can I do it? Unlikely. But this is me trying to hold myself accountable and do my best. Let me know if you think there are some I should be sure to read!

Pirates, Revolution, Conspiracy | APRC Supplemental #21

I have no idea what was going on with this theming. There are at least two that talk about the American Revolution? The rest are all over the place. Welcome to the inside of my mind.

Betwixt the Books Discuss: Bookish Pet Peeves | Things that we usually hate in books!

Wherein Michaela and I discuss some of the many things that make us either not pick up a book, or that will almost always lower a rating for us. Great to be doing more of these discussions with Michaela – they’re some of our most fun content!

Off the Map ARC Review | Novel or novella?

I made an oops and requested a Trish Doller series I haven’t read one of. However, I still had enough feelings about it to put together a review that may be helpful whether you’ve read the Beck Sisters books or not! Mostly because this has some emotional content in the end that I was NOT ready for…