The Funny and the Frustrating | APRC Supplemental #19

Looking for history books about the Democrats? Books to amuse you? Stick to the first two! After that, tw for discussion of sexual assault in a series of books I read because the first one frustrated me so much. There’s a lot going on here. Sorry.

Read Like a PhD! Semester 3 Update

This semester has been rough, guys, and I’m so tired. I don’t really have much in the way of new content, so I figured I would tell you guys about the stuff I’ve been reading instead of fun books. Well, okay, SOME of this I found fun but. You know what I mean.

A Dash of Salt and Pepper | MM Romance ARC Review

Phew, got another ARC review done on time even though it’s finals time. I really liked this one … eventually. The beginning and the premise had some issues for me, but it also made me laugh out loud. Let’s see if the trade-off will work for you!

I read too many of these | APRC Supplemental #18

Have you been looking into different histories of the Right and aren’t sure which one to pick? I’ve got a variety of options, written by Democrats and Republicans, and I have thoughts and feelings on all of them. This is hopefully my last video like this in a while because I need to not read a political science book for a while. Give me a pirate book! Vikings? History of any kind!


Sugar Cube Cute! | “Two Wrongs Make a Right” Romance ARC Review

I actually got an ARC reviewed on time, so here’s Two Wrongs Make a Right by Chloe Liese! I wasn’t expecting this one to be so cute, but this one is SUPER CUTE. SO CUTE. Can something be TOO cute? Let’s discuss!

What a run of American history! | APRC Supplemental #17

Alright, there was one dud, but guys. This was the best run of American history that I’ve had in quite some time. Nice to be getting away from some of the political science as well. I cannot wait to tell you about some of these! We’ve got gerrymandering, public history, geopolitics, Watergate, and more.

Do You Take This Man by Denise Williams Review | My most conflicted review this year?

Guys, I don’t know what to say with this one. Is this better than many other books I’ve read this year? Yes. Is it as good as I’m used to from Denise Williams? No. I don’t know how to place this correctly in the pantheon of romance novels. Guess I’ll give it a try!

A Taste of Gold and Iron | Betwixt the Books Review | Queer Fantasy Books

Wherein Michaela and I review a book we had ARCs of and were meant to talk about at least two weeks ago but Michaela was once again stricken with plague and it all went to hell. Might be a little late, but it is still here and for that we can rejoice.