Betwixt the Books Discusses: Spoilers!

Michaela and I bring you this week’s Betwixt the Books video LIVE in an effort to create more content where we actually get to talk to you guys! If you want in on the discussion (even after the video is recorded), feel free to use the hashtag #btbspoilers and tweet at us!

This time around, we’re discussing our relationship to spoilers, how we feel about them–and I even share something about my reading habits that I’ve never told a soul before…


3 thoughts on “Betwixt the Books Discusses: Spoilers!

  1. Great discussion! I never know how people feel about spoilers in reviews, so I try to keep them down. When they are more than what’s on the jacket I’ll give like two warnings so super spoiler-free people know to move on. I find it very hard to review a book with absolutely no spoilers though.

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