May 28th – Play On

Well, there seems to be something these days about me and music. Today’s poetry is also about music, but also about life. The idea started forming when I was talking to my friend Marina and came out like this. The title is “Play On” but it has no relation to the Carrie Underwood song of the same name, though I do suggest you check that song out!

Play On

Life is a melody

They say

So what happens if

You hit the wrong note?

If this were a piano

You’d stop and start over

But in life

Those notes are already gone

So you have to keep playing

When you make a mistake

Act like you meant it

Enfold it into your harmony

Because life doesn’t stop

When your fingers start tripping each other

And you just want to quit

Because nothing’s coming out right

Life is an invisible piece of sheet music

Where you decide each note

One by one

And right away they’re gone

Life is a smphony

You’re just one of the ensemble

But every moment

Is your solo

You can’t always

Hit the right note

But you have the choice

To play on


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